Our business model 

Our vision - Is to take you on an emotional rollercoaster of entertaining adventures.                                                                                                   
Our mission - Is to invite you to sit with us and enjoy a great evening of entertainment. We are accessible, we are real. We want to include you, we want to entertain you. Whether you are making or watching our stories, we want to hear from you. Tell us how we are doing and what we can do to improve your enjoyment.
Our values - Are at the core of our family. We want you to feel like you belong.
Every member of our crew and every person we cast should feel respected, cared for and we hope will want to work with us again and again. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable my door is always open for you to be heard.
We believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity. If you say you can bring it... Bring it and you will be called back frequently.
Nobody is at the bottom of the ladder. Every member of the crew, from Craft Service to Director is important. We can't make our movies and shows without you.
We believe in inclusivity not exclusivity. There is room in this industry for all of us.
We offer on set/location day care for any cast or crew who need it. We have an approved tutor who can oversee any educational needs. We have an approved nurse just in case.
We want you to feel safe to use your imagination. No idea is a bad idea. We want you to be original and authentic.
We are resilient and enduring. We are here to stay. We already have 20 years worth of work waiting for the right cast and crew.
Most importantly I want you to know that honesty is integral to all of us being successful. I can do this without lying, without cheating, without stealing, without hurting. I expect the same in return.